Crush Friday

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Ever dreamed of riding a beautiful horse while the sun sets in a blaze of glory? American workplace pressures have produced ideal conditions for the rise of the work martyr – workers who are too tied to their jobs to ever take a vacation day. However, taking a vacation – even just one day – can help employees be more productive and more creative.

This is why Dare to Dream Therapeutic Horsemanship Center is asking you if horseback riding in the mountains is on YOUR bucket list. If it is, there is no better place than Highland County and Dare to Dream to make that happen. Our horses have been trained to work with all types of riders so you can make your ride a confidence–building experience at our ranch in the midst of amazing mountain vistas. Work martyrs are over-worked, stressed out, and in desperate need of a vacation day. We want to help! Highland County is an easy one to three hour drive from major cities, such as Charlottesville, Roanoke, Richmond, and Washington D.C. So slow down, take care a little break, CRUSH FRIDAY, and maybe even plan to stay for a three-day weekend.

Discover your best self.

Showtime Horse Camp

August 14-18

Dare to Dream’s foundation horsemanship program teaches students to effectively communicate with their horses through feel and timing.  Students are taught about respect and the natural instinct of the horse and how they find their place in the herd.  Students gain confidence, learn to consider the horse’s perspective, and the importance of safe handling of horses.  This camp will focus on teaching the horses and students skills that will prepare them for upcoming show events should they wish to participate.  

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Highland County Horse Show

August 26, 2018 - Visit D2D at the show and watch for D2D students to participate!